2 White Emperors: Russian Scorched Earth tactics against Napoleon & Hitler! – Burning down Moscow!


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[In many things history is quite consistent. If you haven’t watched my video: The Two Emperors of the White Race then I urge you to take a look at it here: http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/2017/07/23/video-the-two-emperors-of-the-white-race/ In this video I examine Napoleon and Hitler and how they united Europe and how many times the same enemies faced them and came to split up Europe.

With regard to: 19 Pics WW2: Soviets dressed as Germans killing people & Faked Photos – Stalin’s Order # 0428: the ‘Torch-Men-Order’ – http://historyreviewed.best/index.php/2018/05/29/19-pics-ww2-soviets-dressed-as-germans-killing-people-faked-photos-stalins-order-0428-the-torch-men-order/ – I mentioned that it would be nonsensical for the Germans to be burning down villages and destroying infrastructure which they had just captured from their retreating enemies. I mentioned that it was only the soviets who were busy destroying infrastructure as they were retreating. (Later when the Germans retreated they booby trapped and destroyed things too I think). So whomever is RETREATING is the one benefiting from the scorched earth tactics. So this just adds to the evidence that the Germans were not the ones busy burning stuff down on Russian soil in 1941.

I just want to show you that there are quite a few parallels between the Hitler’s invasion of Russia, and Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. Both of them faced an intransigent enemy. In Hitler’s case the Russians were getting ready to invade Germany. In Napoleon’s case the Russians had already attacked into Europe several times (especially in 1805) in order to team up with other empires/nations against France.

In Napoleon’s time, the Jewish/British were constantly teaming up with the Russians against the French in exactly the same way they did in Hitler’s time. The Jewish/British were constantly raising one “coalition” after another against France. Napoleon eventually realised that Russia is a serious threat as a land power that always comes into play and he tried, like Hitler to knock it out.

As with Hitler, the British arranged a 2 front war. The British invaded the Iberian peninsula and they fought in Portugal and later Spain. This kept the French occupied for years in the West while Russia and others menaced France from the east.

So let me show you some things about the scorched earth tactics used against Napoleon. It should be clear from the evidence below that the Russians came back and set fire to Moscow and tried to burn it to the ground with the French army inside it. We’ll get to Leo Tolstoy in a separate article because he lies about the fire of Moscow! Jan]

In Wikipedia we read:

The Grande Armée was a very large force, numbering 680,000 soldiers (including 300,000 of French departments). It was the largest army ever assembled in the history of warfare up to that point.[17] Through a series of long marches Napoleon pushed the army rapidly through Western Russia in an attempt to bring the Russian army to battle, winning a number of minor engagements and a major battle at Smolensk in August. Napoleon hoped the battle would win the war for him, but the Russian army slipped away and continued the retreat, leaving Smolensk to burn.[18] French plans to quarter at Smolensk were abandoned, and Napoleon pressed his army on after the Russians.[19] As the Russian army fell back, the Cossacks applied scorched-earth tactics, burning down villages, towns and crops and forcing the French to rely on a supply system that was incapable of feeding the large army in the field.[15][20]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_invasion_of_Russia

So even in Napoleon’s day the Russians were using scorched earth tactics against the invaders. In fact the Russians even set fire to their capital Moscow! That’s how determined they were.

Check out what the Russians did to their own capital during Napoleon’s advance. They burned it to the ground:-

The 1812 Fire of Moscow broke out on 14 September 1812, when Russian troops and most of the remaining residents abandoned the city of Moscow just ahead of Napoleon‘s vanguard troops entering the city after the Battle of Borodino. The fire all but destroyed the city, which had been mostly abandoned by its residents the previous month.

Before leaving Moscow Count Rostopchin gave orders to have the Kremlin and major public buildings (including churches and monasteries) either blown up or set on fire. But this was not the foremost cause of the fire that destroyed the city. As the bulk of the French army moved into the city, there were some fires. Their cause has never been determined and both neglect as well as Rostopchin’s orders may be among possible reasons. Today, the majority of historians blames the initial fires on Russian sabotage.[1]

This version of events is confirmed by General Armand de Caulaincourt.[2] He states that they had been in Moscow for three days. That evening a small fire had broken out but was extinguished and ‘attributed to the carelessness of the troops’. Later that evening (10h 30min) Coulaincourt was woken by his valet with the news that ‘for three quarters of an hour the city has been in flames’. Fires continued to break out in multiple separate points. Incendiarists were arrested and interrogated and declared that their commanding officer had ordered them to burn everything. ‘Houses had been designated to this end.’ Later on in the same chapter he asserts ‘The existence of inflammable fuses, all made in the same fashion and placed in different public and private buildings, is a fact of which I, as many others, had personal evidence. I saw the fuses on the spot and many were taken to the Emperor.’ He goes on to write ‘The examination of the police rank-and-file… all proved that the fire had been prepared and executed by order of Count Rostopchin’.

A 19th-century caricature (lubok) of Napoleon meeting Satan after the Fire of Moscow, by Ivan Alekseevich Ivanov

The catastrophe started as many small fires, which promptly grew out of control and formed a massive blaze. The fires spread quickly since most buildings in Moscow were made of wood. And although Moscow had a fire brigade, their equipment had previously either been removed or destroyed on Rostopchin’s orders. When Napoleon retreated to a castle outside the city, his troops finally lost their discipline and began to loot and pillage all across Moscow. Even hard punishments could not prevent the plundering, beating or raping of Moscow’s citizens by French soldiers during the fire.[1] The flames spread into the Kremlin’s arsenal, but the fire was put out by French Guardsmen. The burning of Moscow is reported to have been visible up to 215 km away.[3]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_of_Moscow_(1812)

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