10 Pics: Dylann Roof’s beautiful sister Morgan arrested for Guns & Drugs!


[I spotted this but did not spend too much time delving into this. It seems that Dylann’s sister was going to take guns and drugs to school and somehow the authorities had found out and they arrested her. It almost seems as if they were scared she might shoot someone at school!

About the drugs, which I disapprove of, I can’t say anything in her defense. I don’t know the detail. But it turns out that Dylann has a very attractive sister or half-sister. Check out the photos of her below, especially with a baby. This is a very beautiful white girl!

I don’t know his family background. I still think Dylann is a man among men! Remember, he also killed a state senator and he fired 77 shots in total! Pretty impressive stuff! Its about time the enemies of whites began FEARING WHITE PEOPLE! THAT IS VERY NECESSARY! Its a topic we’ll return to. Jan]

Check out this first photo of Dylann’s sister with a white baby. This is very nice!

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