How reliable is Jim Stone’s website?

Someone in South Africa sent me an article that originated from Jim Stone. I have seen a few of the older folks in America also sending and exchanging things from Jim Stone.

I went to his website in earnest some time back. And I looked at it. I have published a few things from Jim Stone’s website.

Some of his articles have some catchy titles and I would have loved to publish some stuff.

However, after looking closely at his website I decided not to post any more stories from it because I have serious questions about his credibility and his sources.

Some of his stuff looks like it has potential, but I feel very uncomfortable regarding his sources.

Today, I was sent another story that he sent out by email. Then he went on and was praising some psychic, and to me that is just dreadful stuff.

If anyone knows more about who Jim Stone is and his background, I’d be curious.

But I just can’t take him seriously. I don’t know why people rely on him or what his claim to fame is.

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