To hell with Twitter! raises a stunning $1 million!


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I just received this from Gab!


Hello everyone,

This summer the crowdfunding campaign for our seed round was one of the most impressive campaigns in crowdfunding history. We reached our maximum investment amount of $1,070,000 in just over a month’s time and oversubscribed the round by hundreds of thousands of dollars. More importantly we invited you, our users, to become investors in Gab.

After this wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, we are now excited to announce our next stage of financing. Gab will be one of the first companies in the world to launch a Regulation A+ ICO (Initial Coin Offering.) Through this new form of crowdfunding Gab will be able to raise capital from both cash holders as well as those who hold cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

The SEC allows us to launch what is called a “testing the waters” campaign and allows investors to reserve their spot for the Regulation A+ round. Make sure to grab yours early, we’ve already reserved almost $500,000 for the next round.

We have a big vision for the future. One that takes Gab to the next level and defends the free and open internet for generations to come. We’re calling this The Exodus Protocol. You can learn all about it here and reserve your spot on our testing the waters campaign page.

Gab’s growth has continued to surpass our expectations and we have a lot of exciting new updates, including the ability for you to make money on Gab as a content creator!

  • GabTV is now fully launched with video uploading and live video/audio broadcasting with tipping enabled for GabPro users.
  • Gab’s Premium Creator monetization tools are now live. Creators can earn tips and charge a monthly subscription for exclusive subscriber-only premium content. Yes, you can now make money by creating content on Gab.?
  • Our Android app has received a complete overhaul from top to bottom click the link to get the latest version. Click the link to get the latest version.

Thank you all and remember to speak freely!

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