Dumber-than-a-Rock RACE TRAITOR Biden the Communist goes after Rudi Guliani – My thoughts

Biden, the dumb communist, is clearly doing exactly what the Jews want. Biden, by the way, is a bag of shit with regard to his views about his own race. He is a truly despicable bag of crap. This raid, tells me that he’s out to get Trump’s guys, FIRST. He is engaging in pre-emptive strikes on his political enemies.

This business is clearly getting nastier.

But I’m afraid, this is the future. We must stand our ground, despite the odds. This stuff is going to be nasty, and the more our side stands their ground, the nastier it will get. But this is the nature of politics, life and competition. Retreating won’t help us. We must stand firm.

I think Trump represents an off-shoot of the elite and he and his pals are going to be attacked incessantly. I think all this is good. It shows that our side has a bit of power – for once.

Biden is trying to knock out a pesky political opponent with a pre-emptive strike. That’s what this is really about.

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