Zelensky: Was the disgusting little Jew Rat of Ukraine elected HONESTLY?


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Strangely, I had not considered that the Jew Zelensky … IS A JEW… and therefore, WAS HE ELECTED HONESTLY?

Two of my supporters actually raised this issue with me. One wrote:

It’s been awhile since votes were honestly counted, Jan.

I doubt he was duly elected.

But another one wrote to me saying that Zelensky was elected in the same way Biden was elected (dishonest cheating all the way).

I asked them both to send me any info or evidence they might have on this topic.

And indeed it does make sense that perhaps the whole thing was a Jew rigged scam.

I have heard that Zelensky is also a particularly corrupt Jew rat.

So there might be a lot of weird crap going on in Ukraine. I think they have 500,000 Jews – I think, which is a lot.

That’s a serious rat infestation right there.

So if anyone has any more info on this, then I’d look at it.

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