YouTube, Facebook and Twitter censorship causes Parler to explode in popularity!!!


[This paragraph is hilarious. And this is why whites must just knuckle down on the Internet and wage White Internet Guerilla WAR. Just fight like crazy. There are almost UNLIMITED possibilities on the Internet when we put our minds, hearts, determination and SKILLS together. They can try to stop us, but we can fight them and out maneuver them to a stand still. I am so happy to see that Parler grew!!! So to hell with Jewbook, JewTube, etc Jan]

Here’s the relevant paragraph:
As the three highest-profile social media companies — YouTube, Facebook and Twitter — continue to take action to mitigate the spread of extremism and disinformation, Parler has welcomed the ensuing exodus of right-wing users. It has exploded in popularity, doubling its members to 10 million during the month of November – although it is still dwarfed by Twitter’s roughly 330 million monthly active users.

With its newfound success, the site is contributing to the widening gap between the different perceptions of reality held by the polarized public. On mainstream social media, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the presidential election, and theories alleging crimes by the Biden campaign and Democrats are flagged as misinformation. On Parler, Donald Trump won in a landslide, only to have his victory stolen by a wide-ranging alliance of evildoers, including Democrats and the so-called “deep state.”


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