Video: How to spy on Jews & the Police: Tom Metzger’s excellent KKK spy organisation


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Video: Keeping Whites DOWN: Scientific & Historic FACTS that have to be HIDDEN from Whites
This is a very important video that I put a tremendous amount of effort into. I wanted to summarize scientific and historic facts from 40,000 Years of the history of the European (White) race. This is the story of where we come from and how we came to be what we are, and why we are awesome. We look at thousands of years of the effort of our ancestors.

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Andrew Carrington Hitchcock had a question that he wanted Tom Metzger to answer about Walter White. A concern for Andrew was a book called The Hidden Tyranny and whether it was true. Walter White also wrote a book about how the Jews brought black slaves to the USA from Africa.

Then in this discussion Tom began telling me about the JDL (Jewish Defense League) and how he discovered they were working with the Jewish Mafia in the USA. According to Tom, B’nai B’rith in Canada play a HUGE ROLE in driving anti-white activities in the USA. Tom was spying on Irv Ruben, the leader of the JDL – whom I’ve mentioned before.

Tom explained how he began hunting for Police agents inside the KKK. He even had Police scanners and they listened in on the Police and the FBI! What fascinated me was Tom’s info on Lie Detectors and how well they work if you use them correctly. He has totally converted me into believing in lie detectors.

Tom also mentioned that Dr David Duke believed the KKK should be run completely differently, with white men in suits and brief cases and that they should run it like a business.

I have been thinking about the problems with running a political or racial organisation like a business. I put some of my thoughts at the front of the video where I discuss reasons why the business model fails and why I think most whites are actually socialists at heart without realising it.

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European Outlook
This is a website run by an excellent British man that I know who is a true racialist. He puts out good, solid content.

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