You just can’t trust a Jew: Lewrockwell claims: Dolchstosslegende – The “Stabbed-in-the-Back” Myth from th e Great War to the Present


This is a note. I am not going to give Rockwell any positive publicity for his nonsense. The Germans knew full well what was going on and how the Jews were pulling the rug from under the Germans feet during WW1. Hitler, among many others realised this and saw this.

Now we have “the good Jew” Lew Rockwell” saying that this is a myth, a lie in effect from the Germans.

Please folks, don’t read LewRockwell, beware of the “Good Jew” Unz, and so on.

As Hitler said: A Jew will only tell the TRUTH in order to tell a bigger lie later. Now these Jewish scum come forward with their nonsense and begin claiming the Germans are liars.


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