Wonderful News European people! – Deglobalisation is going UNSTOPPABLE! – Bye Bye China

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I am looking at various news and analysis and I must tell you, I’m grinning from ear to ear. Globalisation is coming to an end. Even Biden is knuckling down on it. Trump started it, but Biden is knuckling down on it. Rest assured – the military and other things are playing into this.

China is going to go downhill fast.

The Jewish plans are going to come quite unstuck, and I think the Blacks are going to be screaming.

Globalisation is at the HEART of what MUST GO. If it GOES, then nations and regions can break free and the GREAT NEWS is that America no longer has an interest in globalisation and the plug has been pulled and America has no interest in returning to it.

This could flatten the Third world and of course the Blacks in Africa.

I love this stuff. I will discuss this more later in shows.

The White man is going to get a chance to return to being himself. For us in South Africa, this could be awesome. Finally, our chance will come.

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