Winston Churchill’s plan to surround Germany BEFORE WW2! – The man who murdered 1 million WHITE civilians in Europe!


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I’ve been doing some reading regarding Churchill. In Rhodesia the school I went to was named after Churchill. So we were indoctrinated to believe that he was some kind of overweight superman. In reality he was the fool who NEEDLESSLY cost the British the loss of their entire empire. Also, Churchill is a mass murderer of White civilians along with Roosevelt. Churchill’s aircraft killed 1 million White civilians (mostly Germans) in Europe. So that’s his real claim to fame.

Churchill was a total fool. He had an insane hatred of Germany and was happy to side with Russia so as to destroy Hitler. He hated Hitler intensely.

For a number of years, when I look at the opening rounds of WW2, even BEFORE Hitler fired the first shot, I have entertained the theory that it seemed to me the British and Russians were in cahoots and were trying to surround Germany from the north via Scandinavia.

Well, I was reading the other day that indeed Churchill had such a plan. His plan was for Britain, France and Russia to surround Germany on all sides! And Churchill was the creator of this very idea.

The Germans, it should be mentioned, never had 4 engine bombers. But the British were building 4 engine bombers before WW2 even started. The British clearly knew they were going to bomb the hell out of Germany. But due to the lack of accuracy, they went and bombed civilian suburbs en masse and needlessly murdered White Civilians.

I want to repeat, as I watch wars, not only like WW2, but also here in Africa and even in Ukraine. The killing of civilians in modern warfare is normal. Mass slaughter is the way EVERYONE is waging war.

The only people who did NOT wage war that way were the Germans as well as us Whites in southern Africa.

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