The Jewish trick that fooled the Elite & is now destroying America & Europe…

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2004: S.Africa sells nuclear secrets to RED CHINA
Since the blacks came to power, weve had the Russians here, getting our military technology. Now were helping out those peaceful Chinese communists who threatened to nuke LA. This is a special article from the late Adriana Stuijt in the Netherlands.

[On Gab I was chatting to my followers and mentioning that the Jews have managed to pull off a very basic magic trick; sleight of hand; and that trick alone is causing the white Elite of the Western world to DESTROY their own nations. The basic trick is that the Jews have devalued the value of a white person. They’ve managed successfully to pull off the scam that whites and non-whites are equal. This is pure nonsense. (For the record the only non-whites whom I regard as white and our friends are the Japanese). Under Apartheid in South Africa, Indians and Chinese were classified as Black and Japanese were classified as White. I’m all in favour of that. I have a high regard for them.

But the Jews have managed to fool the dumb idiots who rule the Western world into believing that people are equal or almost equal and that there are economic benefits to bringing this rubbish into the Western world. This basic trick, which we know as Liberalism is at the heart of why the morons are bringing in all kinds of garbage into the USA and Europe.

I suspect that ALL the madness of the Western world’s leaders boils down to money and a belief that they’re taking over the world economically.

So while chatting, one of my most loyal followers, Dleetr, wrote some comments which are below.

I also want to say for the record: The Greatest economist in the history of the World was Hitler. Hitler and the NAZIS operated on REAL ECONOMICS and real economic principles. What you think of as modern economics is mostly smoke and mirrors. Its actually a DEBT BASED SYSTEM where the Govt uses the white masses to pay money to the (((Super Rich))) for the creation of bogus money out of thin air – which any Govt could actually have done by itself in the first place. Most everything in economics is nothing more than smoke and mirrors surrounding a debt based system.

In this debt based system, you CAN NEVER repay the debt. Thus the USA and other nations will just go into ever higher levels of debt. Also, the money will also devalue over time. These are not accidents. That’s just the way the rigged system works.

In this system Debt is then recycled and viewed as “wealth” when in fact, its just debt and its debt that’s always increasing. The (((super rich))) are kind from time to time and they can cut back the monies they get every year if the Govt is struggling. So in some years they have kindly cut back the Interest payments down to $100 billion instead of the $200 billion that it should be. They can be “generous” since they’re making at least $100 billion annually from this scam in the USA alone.

The problem for whites is that by having the elite and intellectuals believe in “equality” and “benefits” from cheaper workers, the next logical step is that utter treasonous pieces of shit like the Prime Minister of Canada can openly boast about the need to get rid of the old whites and create a new country of non-whites. He’s just the boldest of the loud mouthed fools. But in reality he’s a race traitor as well as a traitor to his own nation. But this demented kind of thinking is a logical result of the malicious lies that the Jews have successfully foisted on the idiots whom they help to promote to run nations. Then these idiots think that they are themselves great intellectuals.

This is the ugly anti-white world we live in. The only answer to this is for whites to stand firm and break everyone else. We can do this. We’re much much stronger than those we are being replaced with. The answer to all our problems is: White men with Guns. You can lose your free speech, but NEVER give up your GUNS & any other (lethal or non-lethal) weapons you may have. Trust nobody. Trust only our weapons and ourselves.

Just for fun, check out the UK’s national debt clock! Its passed £1 Trillion!! Yep, Jews at work everywhere, scamming all those nice white people!


Here’s what Dleetr posted:-

Yes one argument is,

Don’t worry, we can bring in all these people and they will just increase the size of your market for TVs, furniture and fruit shakes.

Don’t you worry now about replacing skilled labour that you’ll now need given the market growth, because these new, improved white people from the third world can do it all.

They can read, they can write, they can doctor, they can engineer, they can meet every need, all for the low, low price of less shekels than you’re paying whitie, far less shekels and despite this your profits won’t drop one bit, through the magic of Economics.

Lets have jewy McJewfield from the Centre for Easily Managed Goyim, explain it all to you in a convincing way that’s full of cheery platitudes and nonsensical inconsistency“.

 And so another raft of small minded capitalists sold out their people for short term gain. And it is short-term, certainly won’t be intergenerational. The new improved Whites are very ethno-centric, they foster support for their own corporations, their own economic growth and soon those capitalists, so keen on buying into the simple argument that more people equals more money (for them), have begun to fade away, like the race that they’d sold out for a few shekels more.

 It’s like a Faustian Bargain, but they’ve made it on behalf of all of us and we never saw any of the goodies promised by Satan.

The basic key value that Jews have managed to get into the heads of the idiotic Elite of the west (especially in the English speaking world, especially UK & USA) is this: That a white person is equal to, or almost equal to: blacks and any other Third World foreigner. It is this core belief which then results in the utter insanity of the leaders to …

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