WHITES MUST STOP BEING WEAK: Megyn Kelly Slams Drew Barrymore for Kneeling to the Mob – ‘Woke, Weak, White Woman’

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[I like what Megyn Kelly has done. Whites must NEVER KNEEL down to Blacks, Jews or anyone. For God's sake have more respect for yourself and for us as a group. That's just a bunch of Jewish crap. DON'T DO IT. Be PROUD and stand tall. Jan]

There is an increasingly militant war on women being waged in the United States through the transgender movement, and the attackers are being lauded as noble and heroic by some of the very women who should be outraged.

One example came Monday on “The Drew Barrymore Show” when the host got down on her knees before transgender activist and TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney as if she were addressing some kind of holy figure.

Many found the scene strange and disturbing, and on Thursday’s “Megyn Kelly Show,” the talk-show host and commentator made it clear she is among them.

“I would submit to the audience that what is most bizarre here — Dylan is the normal one,” Kelly said.

“What made the clip controversial,” she said, “is Drew Barrymore got down on her knees and seemed to be praying at the transgender altar of Dylan Mulvaney which, as an image … encapsulates a lot of what is driving actual biological women nuts about this whole evolution, which is trans women are coming into our locker rooms and our sports and our bathrooms and our colleges and so on and taking over.

“And we as women are expected to take the knee and just be thankful and say, you know, ‘We appreciate what you’re doing to us,’ and anything else means you’re a bigot.”

“There are so many things that infuriate me about this clip,” Kelly said, showing her obvious and righteous disgust for the twisted act of feminine degradation.

“It was so cringy, her fake smile … this is an actress, Drew Barrymore is acting. And what is she acting the part of? Woke, weak, white woman praying at the transgender altar,” she said.

Kelly proceeded to mock the encounter with a comical imitation of Barrymore’s comments and demeanor in the Mulvaney segment.

Donald Trump’s election as president in 2016 inspired the “Women’s March,” in which thousands of women took to the streets in protest across the country, claiming that Trump was a dangerous misogynist who threatened their rights.

But it is President Joe Biden and his administration who have gone out of their way to ensure that men claiming to be women have the unquestionable right to invade women’s spaces, leading us to a place where celebrity women like Barrymore are quite literally bending the knee to this abomination in front of millions of people.

Kelly touched on the various women’s spaces that transgenders have been allowed to infiltrate, such as bathrooms and locker rooms, but there are several other very important spaces.

As The New York Times reported in April 2021, the Biden administration “withdrew a rule proposed by the Trump administration that would have allowed single-sex homeless shelters to exclude transgender people from facilities that correspond with their gender identity.”

In other words, the administration ensured that women who are attempting to flee dangerous conditions in the streets could now find themselves bunking with mentally ill or bad-intentioned men.

Kelly also didn’t mention that even women’s prisons are not off limits to men who claim to be women.

Last year, the Biden administration rolled back a Trump-era policy to “use biological sex as the initial determination” on housing transgender inmates in federal prisons.

Not only that, but it required “prison staff to use a transgender person’s lived name and pronouns,” The 19th reported at the time.

In California, dozens of men claiming to be women have been transferred to women’s prisons, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

In New York, a transgender inmate at Rikers Island raped a female prisoner in April 2022, according to the New York Post. The man was found guilty of the vicious crime and received a sentence of just seven years.

One can only fear for the future of women in this country living under an administration that couldn’t care less about their health and safety while Hollywood elites kneel before their new trans masters in the name of female progress.

Source: https://www.westernjournal.com/megyn-kelly-slams-drew-barrymore-kneeling-mob-woke-weak-white-woman/

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