Whites are Evil says Black crybaby: MSNBC Guest on Trump Voters: We Are at War with These People; These Folks Are Evil (VIDEO)

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[There's actually a twitter video at the source link below. Whites should wake up and realise that the Blacks and Diversity among them, can turn against them! All your DIVERSITY TURNS ON YOU! Diversity is an evil filthy Jewish idea. Black Americans don't impress me. They have been given so many freedoms they don't deserve. And the Jews and filthy Liberals who work with them have conditioned them to turn on Whites at the drop of a hat. Jan]

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross along with her hate-filled guests on Saturday doubled down on Joe Biden’s attacks on millions of Trump supporters.

Joe Biden Thursday evening delivered the most divisive and evil speech in US history.

The imagery was shocking.

The red glow.

The shadowy Marines standing behind Joe Biden as he threatened millions of Trump supporters.

MSNBC guest Roland Martin on Saturday demonized millions of Trump supporters.

“We are at war with these people. These folks are evil. They have allowed evil into their house with Donald Trump,” Roland Martin said.

“This evil is spreading. And when you are in a war footing, you have to respond accordingly. It is about time Joe Biden got tough. Stop being weak, stop being impotent, quit not fighting back. What these people want to do to this country is destroy democracy,” he added.

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross chimed in and said Republicans are “the biggest threat to democracy.”

“Obviously Republicans are, I think, the biggest threat to democracy. We don’t separate right-wing extremists and Republican Party anymore,” Tiffany Cross said.

Source: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/09/msnbc-guest-trump-voters-war-people-folks-evil-video/?ff_source=Gab&ff_medium=PostTopSharingButtons&ff_campai

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