White-Shop: First Jewellery Sale: Very Happy Customer: ASATRU MJOLNIR PENDANT THOR’S HAMMER


I was wary, in this, my first experiment with the shop, to look at selling of jewellery, because there are a number of tricky aspects to it. Furthermore, selling to Europe is hard. However, I had an extremely happy customer with my first ever jewellery sale. 

There is some jewellery that I had been keen to put on my site. Its very unique, and I think many people will like it, especially the men. But I held back on it because I was not sure how it would work. So now I am keen to put that on… and you’re in for quite a surprise! 

In the meantime, here is the first product review by a customer of jewellery, and the link to it!!! 

The customer wrote: Alan: 2020/05/22 at 8:04 am:
Upon receiving I could immediately feel its quality; the piece is of good weight and the metal is solid.
I chose this necklace because it looked so nice in the thumbnails and I was not disappointed when I laid my eyes on it.

The artisan should be proud of his work as the design is intricate, yet humble.
It is in the best sense of the word, lagom, and I am proud to wear it.

You can view the item here: http://white-shop.biz/index.php/product/asatru-mjolnir-pendant-thors-hammer/

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