Video: How Hitler & 2 German Military Geniuses defeated Europe’s strongest army (France) in 40 days! Part 1


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In this video we look at the trap the Jewish-controlled powers (Poland, UK & France) laid for Adolf Hitler. The idea was to invade Germany from the West while the entire mass of the German army was in Poland. The French invaded the Saar region with the intention of hitting Germany from behind. This was also the period of “the phoney war” as the British like to call it.

We look at the superiority of the French army, the Maginot line and even their big powerful tanks over those of the Germans.

So how was it that Hitler and the Germans survived a BIG TRAP? We study the military and political genius of Hitler.

If Britain and France were convinced the Germans could beat them, why didn’t they then make peace during the 8 months following the German victory in Poland? Clearly they were sure they could handle a German attack on France.

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