White European Military talent: German ideas killed by America – Russian engineering, Swedes, French & others


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[This is from my email to the Canadian who wrote to me about the incredible Avro Arrow. Jan]

I wrote:-
Any additional info on the arrow like launching satellites, or being able to catch the Blackbird is of interest. I like that ramp launch idea.

In the 1960’s, the Germans wanted to build a jet that could be launched straight up (no runway), and they were willing to build them. America crushed that idea too.

It’s all those Jews and the Liberal elite. They want a monopoly of weapons.

But the good news is US weapons are getting ever bulkier, super-costly, and quality is worse.

In this regard, I like the Russian approach. The Russians don’t have much money, but they can build some seriously nice stuff with small budgets.

I do like the Russian approach.

However, the other missing thing is the insanely awesome quality of the German stuff.

Many small European countries also produce amazing weapons. The Swedes among others. France does good work. The Italians are really clever.

I have no doubt about the insane levels of talent that is latent in our race all across the world.

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