When White Rhodesians and White South Africans were MASSIVELY fooled by Liberal campaigns


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[These are comments I made in another article pertaining to a story that came from the USA wherein they claimed the US Army had seized Dominion servers in Germany. I went back to my American friend and told him that I disagreed with the article. I told him my belief that I think White Amerians are being cheated and CONFUSED EN MASSE. However, I want to draw attention to times when we whites in southern Africa were confused and deceived, very successfully on a large scale. I want to describe this, because Americans now, but all whites in the West, will experience this at some time or other. I want to make it clear that whites, in southern Africa were FOOLED EN MASSE at very critical points in their political moves and they believed in false hope when in fact they were surrounded in a campaign of confusion and deception. And I fear, deeply, that this is happening to white Americans right now who support Trump. But see the comments below, because living through chaos and confusion and MASS DECEPTION is something whites need to get used to. This is part of the struggle for survival. And it can be done. But it's a weird mindset to get used to. Jan]

This is what I wrote:

I’m publishing this, but here’s my problem: If the Military denies having done this, then I believe them. It has happened a lot in South Africa in the past, that we whites believed certain things were happening, which were NOT happening. There is disinformation that does the rounds that confuses and fools whites and it is part and parcel of the times when we lose. We had weird things happening in Rhodesia before the end, when we believed, at the last minute, things were going to change. We even had white troops ready to roll, to go and apparently engage in a coup d’etat. It never happened. Everyone was lied to, including the troops. In South Africa we had a number of weird things that fooled us and deceived us. In the end, however, the LEFTISTS WON. The RADICALS OF THE ENEMY DEFEATED US WITH LIES … CRITICAL LIES TOLD AT THE RIGHT TIME. CRITICAL LIES. I am concerned that this is happening to you folks. It bothers me that DEFEAT can be snatched from the JAWS OF VICTORY. I’ve seen it too many times. These scum are serious experts at this, and the only way to deal with them is RADICAL to RADICAL. We need WHITE RADICALS who can defeat (((LIBERAL))) RADICALS. That’s the only way. I hope I am wrong. I truly do. But I have a bad feeling about this. I want Trump to win big time. But I’m very concerned. The enemy is slick, fast and RUTHLESS, while the vast majority of whites TRUST and WAIT. They lie and they move FAST and they do so under a cloak of secrecy. Then later, when the dust settles, you find that you’ve been cheated and deceived. It happened to us in southern africa on a BIG SCALE and it happened MULTIPLE TIMES. I really fear for you folks that you’ll wake up and find that shitbag, Biden as your leader. There seems to be a massive TERROR campaign under way and a very slick campaign to HIDE stuff. They are moving fast. I’m publishing this, with my reservations. I tend to look on the Military, and even some of the intelligence agencies, as being more truthful in certain conditions. If the military says they did not seize the servers in Germany, then I believe them. I’m holding thumbs for you folks. But in reality, I’m worried it’s not going to work out.

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