Pics: Is Erdogan, the leader of Turkey a crypto-Jew with links to Israel/MOSSAD? – He hates Europe???


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Just something to point out. I’ve been wondering somewhat about the stupid, nasty moves made by Turkey to create a wider war and to suck in NATO. I had heard that there’s some kind of Jewish presence inside Turkey some years back.

But I’ve come across a rumour that Erdogan might be a crypto Jew.

I can’t verify the validity of this. However, I will say, read it, and if you later find supporting or refuting evidence then we can study that. Here it is:

Erdogan is doing what he is doing because he’s a Mossad agent and quite possibly a Dönmeh jew. A Turk by the name of Ergün Poyraz wrote a book named Children of Moses in which he accused Erdogan and his wife of being crypto-jews that is working for Mossad to undermine Turkish secularism. He was arrested and sentenced to 29 years in prison.

Here are further revealing information about Erdogan and his ties to jews and Israel for those that are interested:

Erdogan had a jewish classmate named Rafael Sadi who is a Zionist :

” Rafael Sadi promoted Israel-Turkey ties for nearly 20 years and has been a long-time member of the Turkish Community in Israel”

Rafael claims that Erdogans ‘anti-semitism’ is nothing more than a act to gather support from the gullible muslim Turks, so we must take this into consideration every time Erdogan makes a ”anti-semitic” statement or a statment against Israel when his supporters are mostly muslim who are oppoesd to Israel:

”According to Sadi, Erdogan is mainly motivated by public opinion considerations. “He’s promoting anti-Semitism to become popular, that’s the trend, to make a political fortune out of it. I’m sorry as a Turk, an Israeli and a Jew and it pains me he’s creating anti-Semitism in a secular and democratic nation,” Sadi said”

Don’t forget that Thedor Herzl, the founder of Modern Zionism stated that encouragement of Zionism was positive thing:

“Herzl regarded Zionism’s triumph as inevitable, not only because life in Europe was ever more untenable for Jews, but also because it was in Europe’s interests to rid the Jews and relieved of anti-Semitism: The European political establishment would eventually be persuaded to promote Zionism. Herzl recognized that anti-Semitism would be HARNESSED to his own–Zionist-purposes.” (Righteous Victims, p. 21, Benny Morris, Israeli Historian)

Picture of Erdogan and Rafael:
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Erdogans has a cozy relationship with the ADL:

Erdogan with Abe Foxman:
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”The ADL gave a medal of valor to Erdo?an while he was prime minister in 2004 for working toward a peaceful solution in the Middle East and his commitment to protect Turkey’s Jewish citizens, but with deteriorating relations between Turkey and Israel the organizations asked for the medal back. In 2014, the ADL issued an open letter to Erdo?an, praising his leadership in affirming Turkey’s commitment to providing an inclusive society for its Jewish citizens. With improving relations, the president of the ADL along with 52 other organizations’ presidents met with Erdo?an and Davuto?lu separately”

”Erdo?an said that from his perspective, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia are the same and he is against both, adding that his criticism of Israeli politicians should not be misunderstood as being against all Israeli citizens”

”Erdo?an also said that Turkey and Israel can make energy agreements after the normalization of relations. Members of the CoP reportedly expressed their support for the normalization of Israeli-Turkish relations”

Israels recieves benefits from Turkey;

”Israel’s oldest Muslim ally, Turkey in recent years has buffered the Jewish state — and Western interests — against Iranian expansionism in the region. Israeli combat pilots are able to practice drills in Turkish airspace that would not be possible over Israel’s compact territory, and Israel’s Navy counted on Turkey as an alternate harbor in case of all-out war.

”In return, Turkey has benefited from the deep, broad reach of Israel’s intelligence services, particularly relating to the activities of the PKK Kurdish terrorist group. It also has relied on the American Jewish community to make its case in Washington; the Turkish Diaspora has never matched its Greek and Armenian counterparts for sustaining nationalist passions overseas”

jews in America using their influence to stop the U.S in all states from recognizing the Armenian Genocide which jews in Turkey was responsible for;

”A critical test for Turkey’s Jewish proxies in Washington has been their successful effort to quash recurring resolutions that would recognize Turkey’s Ottoman-era massacres of the Armenians as a genocide, as most experts already do. The Armenia resolution is a rare source of tension between Jewish lobbying groups, which stymie the measure to protect Israeli and U.S. interests in the region, and Jewish Congress members, who recoil at denial of a genocide.”

”“American Jews who have been longtime supporters of Turkey must keep alive the people-to-people dialogue, considering that over 20,000 Jews live in Turkey today,” said a lobbyist who has represented both Jewish and Turkish interests and still travels frequently to Turkey”
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Erdogan with the terrorist Ariel Sharon. Ariel Sharon met with both Putin and Erdogan.

Israel has direct hotlines with both Erdogan and Putin, Israel before had only such arrangements with their puppets, the U.S and the U.K. Why would they have one with Erdogan who is suppose to be an ”’anti-semite”’?

”Where both Putin and Erdogan did make progress was on the issue of global terrorism. Sharon agreed to set up direct hotlines to Putin’s and Erdogan’s offices for the speedy exchange of intelligence information. Israel now has such arrangements only with the United States and Britain.”

Erdogan visits Yad Vashem:

Erdogan states that he is proud that Turkey does not persecute jews for their faith and Sharon expresses Israelis love for Turkey.’Erdogan stated like many leaders that he views anti-semitism not just as a crime but a crime against humanity! Oyy veyy..

”The Turkish Prime Minister told Prime Minister Sharon about his visit earlier today to Yad Vashem and said that he was proud that only in Turkey and in Bulgaria were Jews not persecuted because of their faith. Prime Minister Sharon said that Israeli tourists love Turkey and the fact that 300,000 Israelis visit there annually proves this”

”Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan invited Prime Minister Sharon to visit Turkey”

”Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said that the Turkish government views anti-Semitism as a crime against humanity”

Interestingly, since 1958, Israel has provided Turkey with drones, intelligence systems and many other things while there has been a close relationship between Mossad and Turkeys intelligence but this ended with Erdogan because of the Marmara incident (probably on the surface for window dressing purposes):

”Turkey was a large and important market for Israel’s security industries, which provided drones, intelligence systems, tank and planes upgrades, and more. For years, there was close cooperation between the Mossad and Turkey’s intelligence agency, the MIT, which included meetings, an exchange of each countries’ situational assessments and more”

”This cooperation began in 1958 with the initiation of an intelligence pact between Iran’s SAVAK, under the Shah, the Mossad and Turkish intelligence. The codename in Israel for this pact was “Clil” (Complete).”

Erdogan shares the same interests as Israel which is that he supports the total chaos and disarray that is going in Syria, Turkey has been caught many times supporting and supplying ISIS which is a Mossad proxy with the aim of keeping countries such as Iraq and Syria in a perpetual state of chaos which only helps to increase the hegemony of Israel. And now we’re seeing Turkey attack Syria because Syria is not allowed to have any room for recovery, just like Iraq is not allowed to either because this goes against the interests of the Greater Israel agenda, Israel needs to keep their enemies weak for future land grab. Erdogan has been of great assistance for this. It is not in the interest of Turkey at all to have their neighbor Syria be in such a state of chaos because that decreases their security as well because the conflict can easily spill over to them, also why would they attack a fellow muslim country that’s not a threat to them at all? It only makes sense when you realise that Erdogan is an Israeli agent and this is done for Israel and not Turkey.

Erdogan was also quick to forgive Israel for the Marmara incident as Israel has declared it will pay 25 million dollars for the families of the victims, however Erdogan will deport senior Hamas military wing officials and will keep a closer look on Hamas on the behest of Israel as well as not hold any IDF commanders responsible for the Marmara incident. Giving Israel a pass for their crimes..

”Israel has already made clear that it is prepared to pay some $25 million in compensation to the families of the victims. Turkey has deported senior Hamas military wing official Salah Aruri from the country and has tightened its supervision of the organization’s members at Israel’s request. Ankara has also agreed to institute special legislation that will prevent IDF commanders from standing trial for the Marmara incident”

Erdogans war against Europeans;

It’s no secret that Erdogan is an enemy of Europeans and is complicit in helping the jewish agenda of white genocide:

It’s public knowledge that Turkey has aided the Mossad created ISIS which is a terrorist group designed to weaken Israels enemies and to keep the middle east destablized to increase Israels hegemony in the M.E as well as creating more refugees to send to Europe, there is even a site dedicated to expose Erdogans support for ISIS,;

Erdogan states that he will keep deporting ISIS fighters to Europe, meaning he has already done so and is threatening to continue to do it;

”The comments came a day after Turkey said it had begun deporting Islamic State fighters it had captured, starting a program to repatriate the detainees that has strained ties with European countries”

Erdogan is using Turkey to allow migrants to flood Europe and has threatened to Europe to send more migrants;

”In 2015, more than 800,000 migrants travelling from Turkey to Greece” and many of them went to travel further to Western Europe, the ”migrant crisis” only became a possibility because of Erdogan.

Greece states that Erdogan personally controls the migration flows to Greece and has sent 40000 migrants from Turkey to Greece under the first 9 months of 2019 and Erdogan has threatened to send in more than a million migrants more;

And now Erdogan once more, is sending more invaders to Europe even though his conflict is with Syria and not Europeans. Again, him sending the invaders to Europe only aids the jewish agenda of white genocide, further indicating that he is a jewish agent.

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