What is the total White Population of Africa now? – White Population distribution map for Africa

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[I’ve been looking at the population of whites across the world, just wondering where our race actually is and its been very interesting indeed. So how many whites are there in Africa now? The white population of Africa probably peaked in the early 1970s before the Portuguese fell in Angola and Mozambique. Back then over 600,000 Portuguese were in Angola. The white population of South Africa probably peaked at about 5.5 million (max 6 to 6.5 million) I think. In Rhodesia the peak population was just short of 300,000.

You might think all the whites left, but actually, it is mainly Rhodesia, Angola and Mozambique where whites ended up leaving en masse. In Angola and Mozambique the exodus was sudden due to the collapse of Portugal. But in Rhodesia it occurred in 2 waves which spanned over 30 years. The first wave was the 1980s when my family and I left Rhodesia. The 2nd wave hit from 1999-2010.

But despite all the trauma of decades of struggle against the blacks and commies and Jewish/Liberal scum; the fact is that the total white population has not fallen nearly as much as you would think.

According to these wikipedia numbers from 2013, many of which seem very reasonable to me, and tie up with what I’ve heard. The majority of whites are still in Africa. Perhaps our numbers declined, at most, by 1/3rd. But the BULK of whites remain in SA and that bulk has not fallen as much as you’d think.

There are whites spread across Africa and even in the north of Africa which I never in the past took an interest in. But across Africa, outside of South Africa, you probably have close to 1 million whites spread across many countries.

An interesting country that retained its white population or perhaps even GREW, is Namibia, which used to be German South West Africa. I recall its population was 100,000+ or so. But now it seems to be 150,000 and its a mixture of Afrikaners and Germans! So the population there may have grown a bit. 

Namibia has interesting positive twists to it which I won’t discuss here.

So here are some stats which show a bit of what Africa, especially southern Africa’s population was like and what it was like in 2013. I suspect the population may have gone down a bit since then.

One big surprise for me was to discover that 200,000 Portuguese live in Angola and 45,000 in Mozambique! That was astounding. I had never realised that there were so many there. Perhaps they came back over time? That’s the only thing I can think of.

We aren’t as many whites as the 100-150 million in South America. We are a small group indeed. But the place we seized the greatest control of was southern Africa and to this day in South Africa we are a force to be reckoned with. Do NOT be fooled by the small size of the numbers. We do still pack a punch. But the Liberals/Jews/Commies deliberately ensure that they keep us as down as possible and the Jews/Liberals do all they can to finance and push the blacks up. They do NOT want to see whites rising again. And a White Liberal of course is a race traitor – that’s putting it mildly. The white population of Zimbabwe is now surely less than the 30,000 that was estimated about 10 years ago. In the end, I think we can say that the whites there have been all but driven out thanks to Mugabe. Jan]

In this, from the colonial era, we see the % that whites made up of the population at one time, and the result may astound you:-

Population history

In most of Africa, Europeans accounted for under 1% of the population,[46][41] except for the colonies in Northern and Southern Africa, which had the highest proportion of European settlers.[41]

The white population of Zimbabwe was much higher in the 1960s and 1970s (when the country was known as Rhodesia); about 296,000 in 1975.[47] This peak of around 4.3% of the population in 1975[48]dropped to possibly 120,000 in 1999, and was estimated to be no more than 50,000 in 2002, and possibly much less.[49]

Below is the  distribution of whites in Africa as at 1962. Also keep in mind that the further south you go the more developed Africa is. So whites exist in the most prosperous regions.

This is the current population but most of these estimates are from 2013, so allow for the white population to have gone down a bit since then. When I added these numbers up, the total white population of Africa comes to 5.7 million – for 2013 – but allow for it to have declined a bit, especially in South Africa where they now speak of 4.2 million whites as opposed to 4.9 million that you see in these numbers. Like Zimbabwe, the whites are leaving in “waves” whenever times get tough and the last panic was in 2008. I think one can say that there are at least 5 million whites spread over Africa with the majority of about 4.3 million being in South Africa and Namibia. The majority being in SA of course – where the official estimate is 4.2 million.

NB: NB: These numbers seem to come from a CIA project.

Current populations

White African population by country (Estimates from CIA, Joshua Project)[50]

South Africa
4,602,000 (Afrikaans, English according to 2013 estimates)
200,000 (Portuguese citizens of any ethnicity according to 2012 estimates)[51]
154,000 (Afrikaans, German, English according to 2013 estimates[52])
120,000 (French)
203,000 (French and Italian)[53]
100,000 (French and Spanish)
64,000 (English, Afrikaans[54])
50,000 (French)
Ivory Coast
50,000 (French)
45,000 (Portuguese according to 2013 estimates[55])
40,000 (English, some Afrikaans)[7][56]
32,000 (English according to 2011 Census[57])
30,000 (English according to 2010 estimates[58])
21,000 (English, French)
10,000–12,000 (French)[59]
6,000 (French, Flemish)
Other African nations

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Africans_of_European_ancestry

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