What are Matt Hale’s chances? A Creativity supporter with legal experience gives an Analysis


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[I posted the photo of this rejection of the motion by Matt Hale: Pic: DISGUSTING: No Justice for Whites! Matt Hale’s court motion appeal REJECTED!!! – http://historyreviewed.best/?p=8031 Then I asked a Creativity Supporter I know who is very familiar with Matt’s situation and I asked for that person’s comments. You will see what I was told.

What I will add, of my own opinion is this: That often when a good leader is destroyed, the organisation suffers a great loss of morale and momentum and the leaders who follow, ALWAYS are much much more afraid to do anything. It ends up harming an organisation for a long period of time, and maybe even indefinitely. You will be surprised in history, how often a truly exceptional leader is almost irreplacable. A case in point in Rockwell in the USA. But there are hundreds of examples. And Matt Hale in my view was an ENORMOUS loss to Creativity and it might never again be what it could have been. The Jews know to go after good leaders and they smash them – not just in the USA – but EVERYWHERE ACROSS THE WESTERN WORLD. It shatters whites EVERYWHERE!

There are some comments in this that I removed to protect some people. Jan]

Hi Jan,
my opinion on that is that they are going to lie til the end of time on his case—I think there’s a chance with either a Presidential pardon or finding a loophole to prosecute the prosecutors for wrongdoing, as I suggested when I was saying Matt had met criteria for learning who Evola really is, and that they broke the law when they used a retarded mutant as an informant.

That might compel them to offer an Alford Plea. It’s all I can think of as an avenue that is unique and fits what happened, and might motivate action that helps Matt.

Matt’s civil rights will be violated unless perhaps it moves to higher courts, then it may be different.

I offered to help ….. censored …. case, as working fluctuating hours—was thinking about Matt and wondering if this could still be done just the other day. I don’t mind working on it more, they will deny ALL my requests though.

…. censored … new email is correct—radical it might be to say, but really Creativity as a promising valid entity died with Matt, nobody else possessed the courage and fortitude, and was willing to take the risk to do what he was doing.

censored … both, even not knowing each other, had thought of moving to Illinois at that time to help the church.
Nobody got to do that because of what they did to Matt.

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