WEIRD: Man planned to use tranquilizer-laced Starburst to kidnap child from Ohio K-8 school, records show


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[This man has something of a Jewy look to him, but his name does not suggest he is a Jew. Even so, this is weird, creepy behaviour. This is nasty stuff. A photo of the man is at the source link below. Jan]

An Ohio man said he went to a school open house with drug-laced candy in an attempt to “find a small child to obtain sexual favors,” court records show.

An Ohio man said he went to a school open house with drug-laced candy in an attempt to “find a small child to obtain sexual favors,” court records show.

Reid Duran, 35, was charged Tuesday with attempted kidnapping, felonious assault and felony escape.

Police said Duran attended St. Brigid School’s “Open House” event Monday in Xenia and told school staff he was there with his daughter, according to an affidavit and statement of facts.

St. Brigid’s principal, Terry Adkins, told WHIO-TV in a statement that Duran “wandered onto our campus, visited classrooms and presented himself as a father of a kindergarten student.” The man’s “noticeably unusual” behavior prompted him to contact the police.

When police arrived, they interviewed Duran in the school parking lot, where he gave different stories about why he was at the school before admitting that he came to kidnap a child. He then voluntarily agreed to go to the Xenia Police Division to speak with officers.

Duran allegedly attempted to stab a Xenia officer with a pen on the table after being taken into an interview room. He later told police he “felt cornered and wanted to put the officer down, and escape.”

During an interview with police, Duran told an officer that he went to St. Brigid School “attempting to find a small child to obtain sexual favors,” according to the affidavit.

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Duran identified the child he intended to kidnap by name based on a class photograph next to a kindergarten classroom at the school. He told police he planned to drug the child with a tranquilizer-laced Starburst and abduct them when they passed out.

“After seeing the photo, Duran stated he planned on removing the child from the school and wanted to perform sexual acts on the child,” court documents stated.

Xenia police said Duran attempted to escape the interview room before being “subdued” by an officer.

WHIO spoke with Xenia Sgt. Lon Etchison on Wednesday and commended Principal Adkins’ awareness of the situation.

“The principal was very quick, as my understanding, in recognizing that there was an issue and addressing it. So I absolutely think that he could have prevented (something) very bad from happening,” Etchison told WHIO.

Duran is currently being held without bond in the Greene County Jail. He’s scheduled to appear in court next on Aug. 29.


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