We have become a society of cowards…

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[An American I have known for a long time sent me this. I agree. Jan]

We have become a society of cowards, afraid of absolutely everything.

People are afraid of what others may think, of not fitting in, of standing up and being truthful.

People are afraid of what may come, of climate, of viruses, of the unknown and of uncertainty.

People are afraid of dreaming, of daring, of trying, of failing, of hurting and of pain.

But nothing was ever achieved without overcoming fear. Nothing was created, nothing was discovered, nothing was overcome, ever, without leaving fear behind.

Fear is the most paralyzing, disabling and incapacitating feeling there is. This is why they feed us fear, for breakfast, lunch and dinner! To keep us inactive, useless, manageable and compliant.

It’s time to leave fear behind, it doesn’t serve us, it doesn’t help us, it won’t get us where we need to go, it will not help us evolve, it will not allow us to transform, and it won’t keep us safe.

Fear is what will drive you to your prison cell, what will make you lock the door and throw away the key. That is where society is heading if people don’t wake up and overcome fear, for it is fear that feeds the matrix, it is fear that keeps you enslaved.

Learn to detect fear as it starts to manifest in you and keep it under control instead of letting it control you. And if your intuition is telling you to do something, don’t let fear stop you.

Tell fear to go to hell and drum up the courage instead, that’s when you start turning your life around, that’s when you begin to achieve things, to create things, to succeed. That’s when you empower yourself to break away from the matrix and do things your way, that’s when you begin to be free.

Leave fear behind.
Find the courage.

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