Was Hitler ignorant about Crypto-Jews? – Also: Ulrich Rudel & Hitler in the Final Days of WW2


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Ive looked at lots of literature over the years where the Jews claim Whites are slaughtering them. They cite pogroms as a nasty feature of their past. And then some pogroms are then called holocausts. But what exactly really happens? Is there any evidence of what exactly transpires between Whites and Jews?

One of my readers was rather angry about an article I posted about a US professor, and he said that we’re looking at a Jew. Then he went and said this about Jews and about Hitler:

… is a jew by race, which is by birth — as are all je ws. Their "religion" is a scam. They worship themselves as the gods on Earth — not qualifying as a religion. Israel decides jewness by parentage, which is blood, which is race.

Adolf Hitler (if you had proper respect, you would include his given name on first mention) was ignorant of crypto-jews, and he ignorantly thought there were "good jews." Thus, the jews were able to operate as an intelligence network and conduct a lot of sabotage from within. Adolf Hitler was great, but not perfect. Thus, imagining Adolf Hitler’s opinion about a crypto-jew is a meaningless pursuit.

I replied as follows:

…. you make a few good points. But what you write about Hitler being ignorant is definitely not right. I don’t think Hitler ever said there were good Jews. Hitler saw Jews as a race. Hitler had a very scientific and factual outlook.

I do want to say more. When I look at history I do think Hitler stands starkly by himself as the only leader who truly grasped Jews. You must remember, as Leon Degrelle pointed out endlessly, that Hitler understood SCIENCE EXTREMELY WELL. In fact, a topic I want to return to is that of Hans Ulrich Rudel, the Stuka pilot. Rudel, in his biography talks about the fighting in the war right to the last day. In his final months and weeks, fighting in Germany, he had the occasion to meet Hitler several times and Hitler was even cross with him on some occasions because Rudel refused to stop fighting. Hitler wanted him to train others. Rudel makes the point very clear, that Hitler was extremely calm, lucid and very very intelligent. He elaborated on how extremely knowledgeable Hitler was about science, technology, weapons systems, tactics, etc. Hitler was a man of exceptionally high intelligence.

Leon Degrelle, who spent a week with Hitler at his home in Germany during WW2, tells the same story. That Hitler was exceptionally knowledgeable and that he read EVERY BOOK in the library of Linz, Austria where he was born.

He said Hitler could discuss science, philosophy, history, etc.

Mussolini, as I have pointed out, did not grasp Jews or race. But Hitler clearly did. And Hitler even forced Mussolini to accept the issue of Jews and race.

I can’t say anything about Hitler and crypto-Jews, but I don’t think Hitler missed the mark. Hitler focused very clearly on RACE … RACE and inheritance. These were critical topics. The SS went into this stuff in detail.

I do think that Hitler, unquestionably, is the key authority in our race on the topic of Jews.

I am busy reading about the history of Russia and the Jews, and I can tell you that many Kings and Queens who thought they grasped Jews, were quite ineffective actually. Hitler is really in a class of his own and he understood science, race and inheritance like nobody else.

One should not give him short shrift.

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