Was Evola an excellent National Socialist/NAZI? – Also: Despising the common people & Jewish Money Power

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Video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 1 The Jewish ass in the Lions Skin
NB: This video was banned off Youtube in December 2016. This is part 1 of the fabulous little book: The Great Jewish Masque, written in 1936. This little book makes a fascinating study (dont miss parts 5 & 6). The mysterious author of this was EXCEPTIONALLY well-versed in the history of the Middle East & the Jews. (Modern scientific research confirms most of what he wrote but well return to this later in the series).

[My NS friend in Bulgaria, Nordlux Bellator, wrote these comments about Evola. See his comments below. They seem to be very well informed. One thing that is important to me, is that one must never despise "Commoners". If that is your political approach, then I disagree with that, because the truly great leaders like Napoleon and Hitler were not like that. They did NOT despise common folks. Indeed, from both of them, you'll see quotes that show how much they respected what the common person can do, and they based all their politics on that, and the common white people went to incredible lengths, even laying down their lives for them. It is CRITICAL that whites are RACIALISTS. Its a must. We must stand together on the basis of race, and the Jews can spew venom at us from morning to night, and try to destroy us, but we must NEVER abandon our own people. Deep down, those hate-filled, Jewish scum, will quietly admire us while hating us even more, if they see that we remain firm. That is why they spew endless venom at Hitler and the Germans to this day, because they knew, that finally, Jewish Money Power had met its match. Jan]

Nordlux wrote:

Evola Jan HAD LITTLE to do with NSDAP and NS. He was NOT racialist but ELITIST he thought that Aryans were not a race but caste so you be ”spiritual Aryan” also he was an Italian nobleman and despised the commoners. Serrano referred to the wife of Evola as ”being semithic”. And so on. Sorry Jan but your article of Evola ”being great NS” is just not correct. His books are interesting to read but not really part of NS ideology.

Kampf bis zum Endsieg!

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