Virginia rally GREAT NEWS FOR US


[I asked one of my excellent old supporters what he thought of Virginia. And his comments are below. I am always skeptical and wary. I trust nothing. I LOVE the idea of counties seceding to West Virginia. Another friend of mine was elated about it and saying this is fantastic. I agree. However, I want to see things actually happening. I want to see the first county that secedes. It is important to see things happen. I am always concerned about Jews and their assorted scum coming along and trying to destroy any good moves being made by whites. 

I am also delighted that antifa was amazingly … missing from Richmond yesterday. And there were no weird incidents. That was all round excellent. I'm keeping my thumbs crossed. 
But I am very wary, and I try not to count my chickens before they've hatched. I would like to see whites just rolling forward, turning things on its head and throwing our enemies under the bus at every opportunity. If the Virginia moves by the Jewish scum can be reversed, and we can take a lemon and make lemonade out of it … them I'm going to be beside myself with joy. We whites CAN DO IT, if we just start playing bolder and more determined. 
I refused yesterday to publish an item about a false flag. I told a good supporter, that my own experiences in the USA and Canada were that things are NOT always what the Jewish enemy is trying to make us believe. There is a lot more sanity out there than you think. And it seems to me, this is the case in many white countries. Its just that the Jewish shit is swarming everywhere f*cking it up for whites at every opportunity. But its time to face our enemies, and throw as many under the bus at every opportunity. We don't have to fear. I have personal experience that there are more sane whites out there than you realize. Jan]

My faithful supporter wrote this:

Subject: Re: Virginia rally GREAT NEWS FOR US


West Virginia legislature has invited the counties in Virginia to
SECEDE from Virginia and they would be invited to join WEST VIRTINIA
as part of their state.

This should shake up that jew stooge faggot governor of Virginia and
Trump’s jew masters. Let’s hope it makes the news, total silence

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