Can Whites form an Aryan Axis of Nations & break away from Cucked Jewish Controlled Nations?


One of my readers posted this cool comment. This was about the Portuguese video I did on miscegenation. BTW, I heard through a friend that there is also something going on in Canada. Sounds like a few sound minded white males there are also doing something.

Regarding my reader’s comments below, all I will say is this: If we white males want things bad enough in order to KILL those who stand in our way, then we’re going to pull off some feats. This is where NS and Pagans need to lead the charge. Christians are waiting for Jesus. But the rest of us, just need to WANT, DESIRE and LUST for freedom and for life the way we want it to be … we must want this badly enough to KILL anyone who stands in our way. And the day there are enough of us who think like this … then incredible things are possible.

As a side note I came across a fascinating prediction by Spengler and am also looking into Quigley … there are fascinating big things. Spengler even made a prediction of the future, a century ago, which might actually put us right where we want to be.

In the meantime, here is my reader’s comment:

This is the direct cause of allowing women’s primal urges of sexual reproduction to go unchecked . Responsibility should fall on us white men to first implement ethnostates so as to re-educate our women . Unfortunately our political leaders are ALL Zionist owned . So its down to us the commoners to spread information , to form far-right , militaristic partisan groups to takeover . If a Balkanization event should take place that our western nations break apart into regional nation-states we need to at least takeover one or more of those states under Far-Right dictatorship. To never rejoin the cucked states , but instead form an United Axis Nations . If any of those are to be nuclear powers , then there would be no stopping us . No one invades a nuclear power without risking an apocalyptic scenario. A wet Aryanistic dream ?! Perhaps , but still a possibility seeing as the mighty Soviet Union broke away from Communism via Balkanization . If they can do it we can too .

One thought on “Can Whites form an Aryan Axis of Nations & break away from Cucked Jewish Controlled Nations?

  • 24th January 2020 at 10:04 pm

    I dont understand you . Why the hell should a whole country break away when all we have to do is deport them , ban them from our countries and if they refuse then eliminate the trouble makers including their supporters .


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