Video: BLM Minneapolis: ‘I don’t want to say we need to start killing all white folks… but… maybe they need to feel the pain and hurt’


[This is crazy shit. These Blacks have lost their minds. This is the result of radicalisation and endless Jewish propaganda. This is seriously bad stuff. You folks are seeing that after DECADES of treating these people well … they don’t give a shit. They hate your lovely country. In the end, Whites need to stick together and take everything back. Watch this short, shocking video. You’ll hear out of their mouths how crazy they are. Jews made them crazy. You can watch the video here: – It is also at the source link below. Jan]

In a shocking collection of interviews from the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis, far-left extremists admitted to wanting another civil war and implied that white people need to be killed.
(Natural News) (Article by Cassandra Fairbanks republished from

Gonzo journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz interviewed several people who were attending the memorial to get their take on things like… burning the city down and using violence against white people. Their responses will surprise no one.

“Burn the whole city down, what does it matter?” one of the women asked. “I say burn the city down, y’know? So they can see that we’re here,” another woman asserted.

One of the women went on to say that Derek Chauvin should not have received a trial at all.

“There shouldn’t even be a trial, he should be convicted just as is,” she said.

The extremists were all in agreement that if he was not convicted they would support “street justice” for him, meaning murder.

One of the women said that she believed that “thousands” of unarmed black men were killed last year in the United States.

They all also seemed to agree that there is a “genocide” happening to African Americans — and “anyone who isn’t white.”

When asked about a second Civil War, one young woman said “if that’s what it takes, then we have to do it.”

Another responded, “if that’s what it takes, then I believe so.”

Asked if it will happen, yet another woman said “probably.”

“I don’t want to say we need to start killing all white folks, but it’s like…” one of the militant extremists said.

“But…?” Horowitz asked.

“Maybe they need to feel the pain and the hurt,” she continued.


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