Hitler’s last instructions to his Valet: What to fight for now? … the future…


Here is a very interesting quote and it comes from Hitler’s valet. Hitler killed himself because he knew that he himself would be maybe tortured and killed, as would his wife. Remember, just a short time before, poor Mussolini and his lover were hung up on meat hooks! So it was the sane thing to do to rather take his own life, and I particularly like the bravery of Goering in his final days. He truly showed what he was made of as he stood up for the German people at Nuremburg and then, wisely, he arranged his own death before they hanged him.

I want to return to Hitler’s death and what he told his valet, because this brings us back to Nietzsche, and the Ubermensch and the future man. There is something to live for and to work for, and you can find it in this little story below from Hitler’s valet:
“It was 15:15 hours. I asked for his orders for the last time. Outwardly calm and in a quiet voice, as if he were sending me into the garden to fetch something, he said: ‘Linge, I am going to shoot myself now. You know what you have to do. I have given the order for the break-out. Attach yourself to one of the groups and try to get through to the west.’ To my question what we should fight for now, he answered: ‘For the Coming Man’.” — With Hitler to the End: The Memoirs of Adolf Hitler’s Valet by Heinz Linge

Folks, "The Coming man" … the Ubermensch … the man of the future… That is what is worth working for and toward.
Hitler spoke of the New Man … what will he be like. And there are a few quotes from him about the future men of our civilisation. I see this as an extension of Nietsche, and it’s a topic I want to delve into later.
Remember, there is always a FUTURE … and we are busy creating that future and we are part of that process. Just keep on working … our people, our race is in a state of flux and transformation. Incredible things are coming…

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