Video: Turning Liberal America & Europe into Jewish Russia – Part 1


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Get a Free PDF Book: The Jews by Hilaire Belloc (1922)
This is one of the greatest analyses of the Jews that has ever been done. This book was published in 1922.Hilaire Belloc was a very prolific French writer and thinker. A wonderful aspect of this book is that it contains information about the Jews and their hideous deeds (e.g. in Russia) which Jews have tried very hard to completely remove from history. When you read this book you will realise that in 100 years, absolutely nothing has changed. He also hints at the Jews being behind the ‘South African War‘ (i.e. The 2nd Anglo Boer War).

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What is the ultimate goal of Liberalism? I discuss my views on Liberalism and why Liberalism is a train. But where is this train heading? WHY IS THIS TRAIN GOING THERE? That’s what I discuss in this video. You’ll see what the Jews know and did and why they need to change all (white) Western nations.

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Canadian Association for Free Expression
Dedicated to Free Speech, Immigration Reform, and Restoring Political Sanity. This is a very important website and organisation in Canada run by Paul Fromm, whom I know personally. He used to work with the late great Ernst Zundel when the Jews tried to destroy him. Paul Fromm does an incredible amount of work and he‘s the most rock solid fighter for White Freedom and Truth in Canada.

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