Video: Total setup & Witch Hunt: Trump surrenders – He’s the First US President to be charged with a CRIME!!!

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[The Jews and Liberals were so full of themselves over Trump's arraignment. They can proudly SCREECH, the useless bags of shit that they all are that he is the first US President to be charged with a CRIME!! Yeah. Yeah. We've all been watching the insane campaign against Trump for many years now. Remember how they couldn't stop talking about IMPEACHING HIM? It was going on day and night. And that failed. These are the small Jewish rats, you could say, if you're thinking in Hitler and Nietzsche terms. These are the LITTLE PEOPLE, the scum really, crowing about their attempts to take down the big guy. Trump is not Hitler, but he is an American and he is allowed to do what he did and HE DID NOT COMMIT ANY MAJOR CRIME. He's done lots of little things, but he's not a real crook – definitely not in politics. You cannot even begin to compare Trump with say the Clintons!!!! There's a trail of corpses behind the Clintons that is unlike anything in US History and they were never once put on trial. They should have been hanged. Here's a bit of film footage of Trump before he went into court. I was looking at MNSBC and they were just jumping out of their skins at their delight regarding Trump. I find it amazing that these Liberal/Jewish sacks of shit can speak about "Our Democracy" as if they are the defenders of Democracy in the USA. They are the hijackers and the thieves … They've STOLEN DEMOCRACY from WHITE AMERICA. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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