Video: This is War: Poland’s battle for abortion – Abortions of White Babies should not happen – My Comments

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[There is a video about 6 mins long at the url below. One thing I do want to say, which might not be relevant to what the Poles are trying, is this: The abortion of White babies is not something we whites should allow. Our violation and disregard for our own DNA and its value, is beyond madness and stupidity. As a race, as a group, we should ensure that all white children who can be born, are born, even if they don't fully know who their parents are. The value of our children and our people is too great for us to willy nilly kill babies before they are born. Abortion is a silliness that is hampering our race on a grand scale. We should, as a group, as a people, value every white child. Hitler would want it that way, and hitler was right. Jan]

‘This is War’: Poland’s battle for abortion

Huge protests have erupted in Poland as the government attempts to ban nearly all abortions.

We spent a night on the streets with the protesters as some were beaten and pepper-sprayed by police.

The Catholic country already has strict rules on abortion but the new law would stop women whose babies were likely to die after birth from having terminations.

Shocked by the scale of the protests, the government has delayed the ban, but some hospitals have already started turning women away.


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