Video: The Crooked Jewish Billionaire who owns/controls Canada’s Justin Trudeau

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Video: Black American Science in Africa: Eating Childrens Hearts is the way to win Battles!
Whites outside Africa have no clue how crazy Blacks can be. In this video we take a thorough look at Blacks and Witchcraft with Cannibalism and other weird thoughts. Even Blacks who are Christians regard Witchcraft as real and dangerous. We take a look also at Liberia where Blacks from America went to.

[Lookee here! Stephen Bronfman's naughty stuff. But he is drowning in money … His family are stinking rich billionaires … and he's linked to the Rothschilds. In typical Jewish style he has no problem sticking his hand in the cookie jar. All kinds of dodgy stuff going on there. Is it any wonder that dumbass Trudeau is an anti-White, Canada-hating bag of shit? This is the Jew who whispers in his ear and owns him. The Paradise Papers … that's where the dirt is on the Jew Bronfman! Jan]

Trudeau’s chief fundraiser tied to multimillion-dollar offshore trust: Paradise Papers

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Video & Audio: Jack the JEWISH Ripper & the murders of Mary Phagan & Bubbles Schroeder
I look at famous unsolved crimes, each of which is filled with confusion and each of which has Jews as the main suspects in it. We look at how Jews protect each other and refuse to give evidence in crimes which implicate other Jews.

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