Video: The Black who killed President FW De Klerk’s Wife: parole for Marike de Klerk’s killer, plea agree ments for Deokoran’s assassins?

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Alex Linder‘s Pieville - His personal Twitter-like Social Media
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[I have mentioned Marike De Klerk. She was a good racial Afrikaans woman. Her husband, FW De Klerk was the last White asshole who ruled SA. There are questions around the murder of this good Afrikaans woman. I wish we had the death penalty. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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Video: JEWS106: Jewish Complexity: Source of their BEST LIES!
This is a very important video I did. I have been wanting to tackle the topic of Jewish complexity for a long time, because I have noticed that some of the best Jewish Lies come from a bogus complexity that Jews introduce into everything.

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