Video: Team White Launch: Jews Decapitate Whites’ Leadership!


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The White Race EVERYWHERE is UNDER ATTACK! Alex Linder and I are launching the Team White Channel. Here we discuss what it is that we hope to achieve by co-operating as whites who live on different continents, but who share the same DNA roots going back to Europe. I have greatly admired his Learning College with his audio books and I wanted to spread it by way of video.

Alex and I discuss the Jews and their endless lies as well as their well-hidden hostility to and hatred of the white race. We discuss how Jews decapitate the white leadership so that a “Jewish head” goes on to a “White body”. This has happened many times before to our race.

There’s nothing wrong with Team White. Its just that the Jews work VERY AGGRESSIVELY against any leaders or even small political organisations. They do everything they can to prevent whites from taking control of their own society.

8 thoughts on “Video: Team White Launch: Jews Decapitate Whites’ Leadership!

  • 16th May 2018 at 12:50 pm

    Hey Jan Lamprecht, I’ve got a question. So I bought your book “Government by Deception” and in the last paragraph on pg. 135 – first paragraph on pg. 136 it talks about a battle that happened in Angola during its liberation war in 1961. I tried to look this up but couldn’t find any results. Do you have the name of this battle or know some other places where I can find out about this?

    And also, it says that after they ran out of ammunition and jumped out their vehicless and started beating the blacks back. There 30,000 blacks who showed up and you said in the book that there were 3 lines left after they had ran out. I wonder how many people they were fighting off with their bare hands and whether they beat them to death or if they had simply beat them. And also, were they armed with guns/machetes? This is very interesting to me.

    • 16th May 2018 at 1:14 pm

      Hi John,
      You must be the only person, in all the years since I wrote that book, who has remarked on that battle. To me that was unquestionably the single most important page, in the single most important chapter in that book! And you’re the first person to spot it and remark on it.

      What I wrote there was all that I had at the time. Its only been in the last year, that I’ve been able to finally track back to the original source. I now know exactly the location they’re referring to and I have the original source material. I haven’t had a chance to read through all the source material properly to confirm everything there. But that battle is critically important. I have found out that several fights between the blacks and whites took place there, but even on the Internet you won’t find as detailed a discussion as that short one in my book. Hence the source material which I obtained a few months back.

      What you must watch for is my Race War series, which I’m marking as RW. I’ve done RW01-RW03 so far. In that series we’ll be discussing genocide as well as spending a considerable time studying that battle and the other battles relating to it. I want to resume my Race War series in the coming months.

      I hunted high and low on the Internet and could find nothing. Its all in Portuguese. But eventually someone found the original source hidden away in an old book and they sent me copies of it. I’m very keen to get to that segment because this is where we get into the detail of how actually frontal fighting between blacks and whites went.

      There is a lot of stuff from the 1950s-1960s which seems to have been lost, which is very instructive. There was a lot of quite wild fighting and slaughter in those days between blacks and whites in central Africa.

      But Angola is very important. Interestingly, I can find virtually nothing on Mozambique, yet a war raged there too between the Portuguese and the blacks and it was right next to us in Rhodesia.

      I need to finish other things, but I’ll return to the Race War series and when I do, I’ll be checking up closely on what is in the new (old actually) source material I have and whether it matches what I wrote in my book. What I wrote in my book came from something written by an Afrikaans guy and I took it word for word from his writings. That entire description is EXACTLY as he wrote it, and that was the sum total of all that I had to go on.

      So I’d like to check the Portuguese/English source first and see whether that matches exactly what I copied. I want to see if that description is accurate.

      What I have established is that there were multiple battles. It may be that the description I used, relates to the FIRST time the blacks attacked the whites en masse and that it never again was on such a scale. That description is indeed unique. There’s nothing like it that I know of that’s occurred anywhere in Africa since WW2 when the blacks began to fight us due to the presence of Jewish communism.

      I’ll definitely be returning to this topic in a big way in videos when I resume the series. I first want to get all the Verwoerd stuff out of the way.

      Question for you: Now that you’ve read my chapter: The Whites Last Stand – what impressions did you come away with? I assume you live in the USA?

      • 16th May 2018 at 3:25 pm

        Thank you! And also, I believe that the whites will win the race war. Anyone who says that they’ll simply because they’re outnumbered doesn’t understand military history. In other words, they fell for the Rhodesian meme. Don’t get me wrong, those guys were brave and noble, but they were up against the worst trained, worst armed, and most incompetent group of niggers in all of Africa.

        At the same time, White South Africans were fighting against niggers trained in Russia, East Germany, China, and Cuba (who had 40,000 troops in Angola). They also had plenty of Russian advisors and Soviet weaponry. The Cubans alone lost almost 5,000 men and was such a humiliation that Castro executed one of the Generals.

        You also have to remember that we still have an entire generation (at least 150,000) of military trained men many of whom have actual combat experience. Virtually all of the military pilots are white. The majority of Navy commanders are also white. We will most definitely take control of the air and most likely the seas.

        And also, yes I do live in the USA. I support the Boer nation. I wish to hear more about this battle and all the other battles in Angola and throughout the rest of Southern Africa. Also, could you link me to these Portuguese sources (or if you know that that’s what these sources are talking about) and also name me the book that you got your original source from? I’d like to delve deeper into this.

        As for my impression on that section, I thought it was pretty accurate. However, I doubt that the blacks would give you the time to invade the Cape and set up an autonomous state to keep safe from the murderous hordes. I also doubt that this land expropriation stuff will occur on the 30 August. I think they’ll pull a false flag to justify speeding up the process and that’s when the REAL race war happens. It’ll likely be some patsy being framed as being the assassin of Ramaphosa or something, but the point is it’ll happen likely some time this year. I can’t see this situation lasting any longer than a few months before it escalates into full blown chaos. Lets just hope that you’re trained and know how to use a gun just so when the brown hordes come running for you, you’ll be prepared to defend yourself and your nation.

        • 16th May 2018 at 3:39 pm

          Oh yes. and also my name is Damon. I just use many different aliases for OPSEC.

  • 13th May 2017 at 6:57 pm

    Hi, Jan. James Laffrey here. As you know, I admire your work and help send visitors to be enlightened and inspired by you.

    Please have a look at my website, on which the new article is the Launch Of WHITE MAN Music! A video and triumvirate of songs. I hope you will become an affiliate site for the vending of the music, as a help to us both and to Our Cause.

    Again, a friendly nudge: Please publish more of your material with JBCampbell soon.


    • 13th May 2017 at 11:41 pm

      Hi James,
      I went and took a look. You move FAST! Are these your songs? Or are you selling other people’s songs? I like this idea. My question is how many more songs will be coming online?

      Also what of Paddy Tarleton’s great songs? Can’t you bring guys like him into this? The more contributing artists the better.

      I like the affiliate scheme idea.

      If I were an affiliate, how would the money move? Would my customers pay you by snailmail? Or pay me and then I pay you?


      • 14th May 2017 at 6:30 pm

        Hi, Jan.
        Thanks very much for your interest and questions.
        * They are my songs, totally created and owned by me.
        * I am not selling other people’s songs.
        * I heard one Paddy Tarleton song. My work is in a league of its own, pro-White anti-jew, I name the enemy and urge the solution. Energetic rock music with melodies. At present, I have no interest in investing time, effort, and money toward potential arrangements with other producers of songs.
        * If you were an affiliate, people who use your site and donation system to get my songs would donate the money to you. (You would send to me, by email, the buyer’s email address and amount donated — the amount would tell me whether the buyer wants the video included or not.) And then you would convey half of that money to me — monthly, or less frequently, per our agreement.

        Good, so far?


      • 14th May 2017 at 6:43 pm

        Oops. I forgot to answer your question about how many more songs will be coming. Answer:

        IF this initial release is successful (according to my judgment in regard to income versus time and effort invested), then I will continue to produce and release songs. My guess: 3 new songs every 6 months.



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