Pic: The Fash Bash: Jovi Val: JEWS OWN USA!


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Photo: S.Africa: Desperate measures for dealing with Crime! A Home-made Lion!
This is a photo I got years ago. I think a Boer did this. I think, based on the photo, that this is definitely the work of a Boer.

[Jovi Val was the “face of the Fash Bash” in the USA when I was there in April 2019. The Jews have also been hounding him in court. I’ve been too busy to get round to looking into that aspect of things. But here is where Jovi and another activist were busy on the streets of JEW YORK, er… NEW YORK… getting the message out about JEWS!

While Jovi and I were walking around New York in April, we saw a Jews-only bus service. I took some photos of it. Only Jewish scum were getting on a nice 80 seater bus … everyone was a clearly dressed Jew.

Jews do whatever the hell they want in the USA.

Meanwhile the Jewish filth walk around and refer to white nationalists as TERRORISTS! How about the JEWISH TERRORISM of de-platforming vast numbers of whites or destroying their careers, their jobs and their lives? IS THAT NOT TERRORISM? Since WHEN is a “businessman” allowed to CENSOR YOU OR ME!? Yet, that has been going on for the last 25 years of the Internet. Who gives them the right to tell us what to think and to punish us, via Paypal, Youtube or Google if we do not change our views?

Google Adsense recently stopped all advertising serving to HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis and they sent me a message indicating that they are disabling my a/c. They wanted me to remove lots of articles. Among the last ones was one about what the French whites thought of Jews. And NO I am NOT removing articles from my websites or changing anything in order to grovel like a dog for a few pennies from a Liberal piece of shit.

Here is Jovi and another activist. Jovi is on the Right of the Photo. Jan]

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In this video I discuss the economic fight and how Whites can save themselves.

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