Video: South Africa’s 911: SAA Flight 295: The Helderberg 1987 – Part 4

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In this video we look at photos and video footage relating to The Helderberg disaster. We look at what they saw on the seabed. Most importantly we look closely at the mysterious particles found embedded on many items recovered. These particles were studied closely under microscope and they are capable of burning without oxygen just like fireworks. These particles were molten and traveling at high speed.

What is a rocket fuel fire like? We look at some of the outlandish claims made in recent years which bear no relation to the actual forensic data. We look at the claims of a Jewish forensic scientist who claims that the evidence clearly shows that the Apartheid govt murdered these people. We listen to a former SAA pilot who claims that the Apartheid Govt sent a fighter jet to shoot down The Helderberg.

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