Video: RACE WAR! – The Making of a Boogaloo Boi – Fantastic NAZI style salutes!

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Video: Professor Quigley: The Jewish Rothschilds and the History of Banking and Money
Professor Quigley was hated by the White Right in the 1960s. The bulk of this video is 40 pages specially removed from his 1966 book, Tragedy and Hope, which deal with the Jewish Rothschilds, banking and Whites and Jews who played a big role in capitalism.

Look at these young White American guys. They’re willing to fight. This is excellent. Check out the NAZI’s style type of salutes. Not a true Roman salute – but enough of an attempt. Otherwise the old Jew cry baby whining scum will be running around a screeching and a howling. Boogaloo is the term young White Right Americans invented a few years ago to mean "Race War". Too bad the real Race War has not yet started.

Here’s the video:

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