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This video is intended as preparation for us to launch into many new and important topics including what were whites really like before Christianity & what did they actually achieve? I discuss Ben Klassen and the excellent religion he invented called Creativity as well as a partial discussion of Nietzsche and his criticisms of Christianity. Do we really NEED a religion? I think so and explain why. Both Hitler & Klassen regarded ancient Rome and Greece as the epitome of white achievement. I discuss why the Romans and Greeks were special and why they remain an inspiration to this day. I also discuss various psychological and spiritual issues. Ancient Rome is going to be a very important topic that we also need to study as well as digging into why Christianity became our monopoly religion. Previously we had many religions. I discuss Nietzsche’s master and slave morality as it pertains to the Romans and Christians.

2 thoughts on “Video: The Pope of the White Race

  • 19th October 2018 at 11:52 pm

    Another outstanding video Jan.

  • 19th October 2018 at 7:54 pm

    The above quote from Klassen is great. I say that all the time to people who play the White guilt card with the strawman argument, “Whites should go back to Europe. America/Australia/NZ, Canada/South Africa isn’t your home. You stole that land.”

    My response is, “Unless your people sprouted up from the ground like grass, living nowhere else on earth, and you can prove that absolutely no one else inhabited what you call ‘your land’ for all of human history–I would ask who was there before you? The truth is NO land arbitrarily ‘belongs’ to any people. Since time immemorial, it has always been the nature of humans to travel, explore, discover and migrate. The ONLY thing that guarantees any people the right to inhabit any land is 1.) their ability to acquire it through settlement or conquest and 2.) how long they can keep it.”

    North America once “belonged” to Amerindians of Mongolian descent until it didn’t, and before them it “belonged” to ancient Caucasians.

    That means if Africans and Arabs overrun Europe and conquer it or Mexicans and Africans conquer America, then those lands “belong” to those people only until someone else unseats them. That is the way of nature and how all living creatures acquire and establish territory.

    This response pretty quickly shuts up those playing the colonialism card and trying to use fake White guilt as a weapon because it concedes that yes, Europe, America and other countries might indeed “belong” to non-Whites some day, but only for as long as they can keep them, which may not be very long at all, because they know in a race war, non-Whites don’t stand a chance–and so the wheel will turn again.


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