Video: JEWS105A: Jewish lies that work: The One Jew Lie


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Jews are extremely quick and glib and able to fool you in a second. They will successfully lie to you in the course of what you believe is a friendly conversation with someone who is a genuine friend of yours. I BELIEVED STRONGLY that the Jews I knew were my BEST FRIENDS and I would regularly entrust them with personal information and thoughts that I would deny to other whites whom I had known for longer.

This video is a follow on to my video: JEWS105: Jews are too sly & sneaky for Whites – In there I mentioned a common lie that Jews fooled me with dozens of times. I call it: The One Jew Lie.

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  • 6th July 2018 at 11:37 am

    As a todler i went to Jewish nursery school, the Jewish synágogue was one block away ,the other (gentile) nursery school was halway across town i went there (regular nursery school the teachers were strict almost militaristic)a short while but then got into the Jewish one when a space opened…..the policy was first Jews and then gentiles if spaces left , i must say all the teachers were gentile (and more gentle)yough ladies. My impression of the Jews were positive ;reserved unaggressive passive people, in strong contrast with the thuggish hooligan like behaviour i would experience from gentile boys (especially English boys) In later
    School life.I was always aware that the Jews are different ,i liked their gentle demeanor….but as life experience (much later life experience )showed me their passiveness is a smokescreen for much more sinister machinations behind the scenes (true masters of deception)

  • 20th September 2017 at 6:07 am

    This is spot on!

    Recently I told an old crypto jew friend of mine, who I’ve been slipping away from since my awakening, that “our values are not in alignment”. In response he boldly with his chutzpah claimed that our values are in perfect alignment and began to rationalize in ways that even contradicted his previous rationalizations just moments prior. Everything he said he implied, justified our “aligned values”, even when they were against my values. I began to feel that he secretly hates me but wants me around to further his interests and was pretending. He verbalized, “We’re friends”, even though none of my friends speak like that, it’s just assumed. Every time I brought up an opposing attitude towards financial corruption he would quickly remind me of the “Native American Indian genocide” to make me feel guilty for something I’m not responsible for anyway because my ancestors were not in America at the time it was said to take place. This leads me to question the validity of the American Indian genocide narrative which is taught just as thoroughly as the holohoax in grade school. This crypto acquaintance of mine has brought “Native American” guilt up many, many times in the past couple years. On the contrary, I’ve never heard a White person accept responsibility for having ancestors involved in Indian killing. I’ve also read many American Indians were black and absorbed into the collective identity of “African Americans”, and I am now questioning how many slaves were really brought to USA from Africa, and if Black American Indians were really the ones who Jews made into slaves.

    At a time when I am most threatening to organized jewry, I strangely encounter financial and material opportunities that one wouldn’t expect to receive in a lifetime, in addition to threats. These opportunities manifest at the most inconvenient time for me, while I’m involved in important personal activities. They remind me of the strange opportunities hollywood “celebrities” are graced with without reasonable explanation. Before I realized, I now have a collectors car that I won by auction, that just doesn’t add up in terms of the price I paid on ebay. I find a Rothschild’s business card inside the car after picking it up. Since I was not conscious of any deal that may or may not have occurred and intended on paying true market value, I don’t feel obliged to return favors. I’ve learned to be wary of accepting gifts and favors, especially excessively lavish ones. This crypto acquaintance oddly didn’t seem surprised to see I had obtained a new car.

    These precisely fit my experiences:
    “He will have you eating out of his hand”
    “Slipping lies under your nose, checking to see if you’re catching the lies”
    “What I thought was friendship was really a case of manipulation”

    I think he’s trying to use me to gain access to social circles and White women he otherwise couldn’t have.

    This same crypto told me he believed the “flat earth” theory, which I responded with all the reasons I disagreed. I first thought he was a victim of jewish deceit before I knew he was a crypto jew, then I realized he was consciously perpetuating jewish deceit. Jews also try tricking people into the “extraterrestrial” narrative, to throw people off their path.

    And I made an error in my recent comment about Zeugma, where I stated “hundreds” were displaced by the unnecessary flood which destroyed the priceless Aryan archeological find. The documentary actually states, “30,000” displaced. Jews will take absurd measures with no regard for the exponentially ridiculous consequences just to get one small thing they want.

    These jews are destroying the planet and everything on it just to fulfill their envy, then they lie and pretend Whites are responsible for consequences of jewish actions such as pollution. Then they use this fraudulent narrative to restrict peoples right to drive cars, they perpetually roll bullshit, and conceive more bullshit based off previous bullshit, which they would have to be fully conscious of in order to even conceive such absurdity.

  • 20th September 2017 at 3:47 am

    Jan, both of us are impressed by German inventions during the NSDAP government.
    Here is a great video, don’t know if you have seen it.

    42:52 min
    Amazing Advancements in Nazi Technology

  • 20th September 2017 at 3:30 am

    Good program.
    Your experiences wi Jews match mine and other ppl I know. The Jews are taught treachery throughout the torah , book of Deuteronomy begins in deceit and misdirection to slaughter an enemy. Jews lured the Roman garrison off masada wi lies and false promises, then slaughtered them in an ambush on their way to the sea.

    Video Fred was much smoother than previous videos.


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