A Comment summary of the last 2 years of COVID Political Weirdness..


[An American supporter found this. Jan]

She wrote:
I saw this on a Bitchute channel video. It summarizes every political move for the last two years:

  • GabbyRios59, 1 day ago
    From the very beginning, government and health officials – Fauci, Pelosi, Schumer, Newsom, and Cuomo – knew this wasn’t a medical pandemic.That was simply a facade to circumvent legislative protocol and our constitutional rights which would allow electoral fraud to take place. It is a political pandemic called the Great Reset in which the virus is ignorance. That’s why there is such an effort for the cancel culture to impose censorship. The vaccine for this virus is knowledge. In order to take us to the Great Reset, they need to do two things. One, target small businesses and churches to make many of us dependent on the government. The other is to make us submissive to a communistic government by using social distancing, masks, censorship, travel restrictions, and vaccination. The restrictions never had anything to do with science!

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