Video: Re-Release: Are Jews trying to start WW3?


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This is a re-release of a video I did almost 2 years ago which is still relevant and worth following up on: I discuss how Jews infiltrate Christianity and also Islam. Jews infiltrate anything! Jews boast about how they infiltrate Muslims. I made this video in 2015 wherein I discuss why I believe the Jews are going to do their utmost to start WW3 using every trick in the book. It may take them a few years (as it did when they started WW2 in 1933) I discuss how Jews stir hatred between Christians and Muslims and how they want Christians and Muslims to slaughter each other while the Jews do nothing! The Jews are the beneficiaries of these malicious tactics.

One thought on “Video: Re-Release: Are Jews trying to start WW3?

  • 11th July 2018 at 10:58 pm

    Ha – the Jews began infiltrating the Roman Catholic in Constantines time. How do you think they began their masquerade as the children of Israel? Remember Christ condemned the pharisees and THE SCRIBES. And it was the scribes who began toying with the translations, even creating the word Jew to replace Edomite, and to displace the words Israelite, Judahite and Hebrew. Now you know where the confusion comes from – and it was a master work – deceiving the whole world with just ONE word!


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