Video: Jews did 911: Was Jewish physics at work on Plasco Building in Tehran?


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White Shop: The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry
This is a FANTASTIC BOOK written by a well travelled American Military Officer. It tears all the lies about the Germans that have been told by the Jews and the Allies to shreds. I have a copy. It is the best book written about the Germans by a non-German since WW2.

[The 911 truth website has a very interesting set of videos. I'll post links to them shortly. There was an old building in Tehran, but it was your normal western type of building of steel and concrete. Then it caught fire, near the top and then while people went back inside and firefighters were at work the whole thing collapsed just like on 911 in the USA. Hundreds died. And apparently, there was evidence of explosives and very hot molten metal!!! Just like on 911. Is Israel behind this? Notice the similarity in total collapse to 911. This happened 7 years ago. Jan]

Here’s a short video:

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Video: The European Race as an Immortal Biological Animal
What are Whites? Are we individuals or groups or some other arrangement? Professor Quigley raised this question for all humans. He also explained what Hitler thought. One day I had an interesting side chat with Matt Hales Mom and another lady, and the subject of Immortal Animals came up.

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