Video: Jews did 911: The Plasco Building Collapse in Tehran – similarities to 911


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Afrikaanse Boeke op AfricanCrisis
Hier is ‘n paar boeke wat jy nie in gewone liberale winkels sal kry nie!

[There are several videos here. This is from the 911 Truth website. And there seems to be something going on here that is weird. In the video with the molten metal you can see heavy earth moving equipment actually picking up glowing molten metal from this building. Did the Jews visit this place? Jan]

Here’s the molten metal video:

There are lots of videos below about this event.

Here’s the link:

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We take a quick look at Nelson Mandela the most famous Black politician in the world, and the first Black President of South Africa. He has amazingly strong ties to the White Jews of South Africa. This is born out in his own words, and also in photos.

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