Video: BRWR02: HYPOCRISY! Police Minister warns Whites about protesting over Farm Murders!


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Here is a letter doing the rounds and issued by the Minister of Police on Sunday 29th October as a WARNING to the whites who are thinking of protesting on Monday regarding the farm murders. This is hypocrisy at its finest! Warning whites who NEVER protest!
You can read the full letter by the Minister of Police below. This is what was doing the rounds yesterday among us.

2 thoughts on “Video: BRWR02: HYPOCRISY! Police Minister warns Whites about protesting over Farm Murders!

  • 30th October 2017 at 4:55 pm

    I really don’t know what to suggest, it seems like the best option would be to form militia groups and get armed to the teeth. The black government is so corrupt and incompetent that it is unsustainable, sooner or later the state will collapse and the whites will be blamed for that too. It would appear that they think the whites are still in charge and they have been duped by the white man when the truth is that their own people are far more corrupt and care less about them than the whites ever did. They want every white person in a position of power or whites that have worked hard and own property like the farms to be stripped of their assets and thrown on the streets. They believe the hype that the global press put out during apartheid that the blacks were tortured and whipped on a daily basis and totally despised by the white government. Trouble is, the majority are too stupid to work out the truth for themselves and that if they were persecuted as the press said they were then blacks would not have been arriving there in droves every day looking for opportunities. Judging by the spelling of the police chief the end will come much sooner if that is the quality of the average government official. They want you to leave or to die, there is no compromise, stay safe Jan and get armed if you are not already. The word is getting out of the atrocities being committed by the evil blacks in south Africa and if we can get more people to take notice then you may be able to resolve this with not too much bloodshed. Good luck Jan.


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