Video & Audio: S.Africa: About LGBTQ, Jews the Demoralisation and breakdown of Whites

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This is an audio answer that I made for Nancy Hitt and Monika Schaefer for Blood River Radio. They asked whether LGBTQ was first used to soften up the Whites of South Africa for destruction like they are doing to the Whites of America.

I disagreed. However I explained how the Jews demoralised the Whites, especially the Boere-Afrikaners. I also discuss South Africa’s Las Vegas, Sun City, which was created by the Jew Sol Kerzner in an independent Black homeland.

Nancy had asked about the morals of the Whites in SA and whether pornography had been banned. So I discussed that too.

I also discussed how the fighting spirit and morale of the young Whites was broken down by the Jewish owned English Mass media of South Africa as well as the “Good Jews” who were the Liberals who quietly were knifing the Whites in their backs.

This was recorded on 15th September 2022.

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