Video & Audio: Israeli Military Intelligence and NSA spying on all Americans and the World!

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Video & Audio: What Jews tell each other in Private: Jewish Racism and Jewish Supremacism
We take a look at some pieces of video footage where Jews talk and we hear exactly what they say, and how they act when they are together. Over many centuries in Europe, Whites confronted Jews many times and asked them questions about what they really believe or think or say. Jews denied certain things. But in this video we look at some actual film footage and analyse it.

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I discuss spying on mobile phones and weird stories from South Africa. The show is with Frederick of BlackBird9 and the Hill Billy Professor. We compare notes on our knowledge of computers and our various experiences. Frederick had work in the US where he had secret government work.

This show was recorded on: 2024-03-09 which is George Lincoln Rockwell’s birthday! Heil Hitler!

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Video & Audio: Israeli Snipers were killing American Soldiers in Iraq
This is an extremely nasty story which I suspect has been totally covered up by the Mass Media. It appears this was well known to American soldiers and officers who fought in Iraq after 911. This story is probably classified.It is about (IDF) Israeli Defence Force snipers engaging in false-flag operations and killing American troops.

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