Video & Audio: 50 Years of Race War in southern Africa presented by Jan in Canada

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Video: What Adolf Hitler said about the Boers
I decided to look in Adolf Hitlers Mein Kampf (My Struggle) to see what he said about the Boers. Few know of his obsession with the Boers when he was a young man. In Mein Kampf I found many references which indicated that Hitler had a knowledge even of the black tribes that live in South Africa. I found MANY references to God, Gods image, the Creator and the Christian religion.

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This lecture is JAM PACKED with tons of facts about us Whites in southern Africa and the wars we fought against Black Communists and AGAINST BLACK RULE. We did NOT want to be ruled by Blacks.

In this lecture, I show photos and also videos about many of the key things that happened between us and the Blacks. This is primarily a presentation of how we fought wars over decades, even though there were only a few of us. There are many facts and conclusions herein that are the result of my analysis. We Whites fought bitterly to remain in power. This is the story of the Portuguese, the Rhodesians and the South Africans and how we fought and killed the Blacks in an attempt to remain in power.

There are MANY THINGS in this lecture that are not even known to Whites living in South Africa.

5 White ruled countries fought tooth and nail to retain power and to NOT have Black rule. I also discuss what went wrong. Why did we end up under Black rule? My conclusions may shock and surprise you.

This is a lecture I prepared in 2018, and then gave a couple of times.

I gave this talk in Paul Fromm’s house in early May 2019.

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White Shop: Rhodesia is Super T-Shirt
In the 1970s Rhodesia came up with this logo with this cute little elephant. There were LOTS of elephants in Rhodesia and the Whites were proud of that. The classic elephant and flag logo used by the Rhodesian Tourism authority in the 1970s and 1980s to promote tourism to that country.

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