Video: A Very Excellent Thorough (ex-Russian) Military Analysis: Russia’s David vs Ukraine’s Goliath? Manpow er woes explained.

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2005: UN: Africa needs $1-billion a year for Aids orphans
AIDS was killing so many Blacks that one in ten children were orphaned. Of course Whites are expected to bail them out and to keep these ungrateful worthless people alive.

I’ve watched Binkov’s videos many times in the past. He does military history stuff. Judging by the name of his channel and his voice, he’s probably a Russian who lives outside Russia. I think he really does an excellent job in this video, digging really deeply and coming up with some good, solid thoughts.

Here it is:

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2003: S.Africa: 75 of matriculants won‘t get jobs
75 of school leavers who pass their exams won‘t be able to get jobs!

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