WARS OF THE MIND: Dividing America: Polarization: Jews Vs Whites – The Fight for America


One thing that Alex Linder has noted and which has fascinated me is the issue of the division of the USA. Now you must understand, that in the war for the heart of any nation, by an enemy moving into the nation, that the result will be DIVISION! This was a common theme in southern Africa as we lost power to the blacks. But you had the Russians, Blacks, Jews, Liberals, the West … everyone piling in working on the "mind" of the population. This is especially true for South Africa. Eventually people find many "assaults" on their personal value systems and loyalties. These are wars for the mind of people.

But in these wars, there are also lies that are told to people. So for a time, perhaps several years, you yourself might be fooled into believing certain things.

Whites who are Liberals are actually dumb idiots … people who have been fooled in many, many, many ways.

Now this division of people, this divide-and-conquer strategy does not go away. People who are conservatives or moderates, think that this division will heal naturally. BUT IT WILL NOT. In fact, the goal is to defeat you and make you give up your country.

The ENEMY is RADICAL. The Communists and Jews are RADICALS. Their goal is to seize the country by any means.


The Polarization of America is this really a guide to the "health" of the Whites resisting. You must NOT think that compromise is the answer. It is NOT the answer. Compromise in these situations ALWAYS consists of whites giving ground, while everyone else moves in on the whites. Jews get their way and Whites lose.

You should therefore view POLARIZATION as a HEALTHY SIGN OF WHITE RESISTANCE of PATRIOTISM TO THE USA. The other side is wild, and uncompromising and they will do ANYTHING. They will tell any lie. They will do anything to move forward. They have no principles.

THIS IS NOT A FAIR GAME. They are playing to win by any means.

If they were to have their way then whites and patriots will merely compromise themselves out of existence. DO NOT DO THAT!

Polarization is the key to monitoring the intensity of the battle, and we must see to it that our side never retreats, never backs down.

In the end of course, issues such as these may have to be settled by armed conflict, and the enemy is already preparing for that by way of ANTIFA, BLM, etc.

They are ruthless and determined and we must be the same.

This must also play itself out in South Africa and across the West.

But currently, in the USA, this is the particular country where the fight back is the most visible.

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